Welcome to the Pointe Counterpointe Dance Center Competition Team and congratulations on finding an outstanding dance program for your son or daughter. We have compiled
this handbook especially for you.  This information is to help all our new and returning, interested dancers and parents receive a full understanding of how the program works.

Our team is selected each fall by audition only.  Returning students are automatically placed in the level in which the teachers feel they belong and will be given the chance to move
to a different level by audition.  Dates and times for the audition will be provided several weeks in advance in order for you to prepare.  Dancers will be selected based on their
technical knowledge and ability, as well as their personal demeanor, and are placed in to a class level according to their age, size and ability to work with others.  We will be hosting
a dance workshop before the audition.  All current and potential team members are required to attend the workshop to learn the audition material.

A panel of qualified judges is brought in to the studio and will give several scores based on the dancer’s performance during the audition.  The scores are tallied and the top
scoring dancers are chosen to participate on the team.  However, the teachers always have the final choice and can overrule scores if they feel a student will be wrongfully placed
in a group.  

Scores also help to choose members of large and small groups, duet/trios and solos.  Past attendance, behavior, discipline, kindness towards others, and other such observations
will be discussed before selecting these special parts.  Once selected, a student is expected to uphold their reputation.  Abuse of these rules or lack of respect towards others will
result in the loss of the special part.  YOU MUST ATTEND THE AUDITION TO BE CONSIDERED FOR ANY OF THESE.

Being on the PCPDC Competition Team is a privilege.  All members of the team are expected to act like young ladies and gentlemen, and respect each other, their teachers, and
other parents and dancers in the studio.  Team members will not brag, act out of jealousy, or talk behind others’ backs.  We are a team, through thick and thin.  

Unfortunately, not every dancer will be accepted.  If this happens to you, please do not get discouraged.  Hard work and determination can help you to achieve the skills necessary
to try again the following year.

Please read through the following information thoroughly. After reading and understanding the rules, you should then make the decision as to whether or not you belong in this
group.  If you are ready to accept the challenge…see you at the audition!
Team Members must…
1. Be able to attend at least 3 regional competitions per year—
NO EXCEPTIONS!  Dates will be discussed at the first meeting.
2. Be able to attend nationals in summer, usually July, (if a nationals year) and attend all nationals rehearsals scheduled. This will be
discussed at the beginning of each season.
3. Have excellent attendance in competition and elective classes.  A team member cannot miss two consecutive weeks of any
class.  You could be dropped from the routine.  A team member may not miss a competition rehearsal the week prior to any
competition.  Consequences on the matter will be discussed if necessary.  
4. REMEMBER, you are a TEAM MEMBER! Work hard and be a good sport; no talking about others behind their back, no bragging,
teasing, or complaints. Be well mannered at all times – no talking or chewing of gum and leave bad attitudes at the door!
5. No spectators will be permitted to watch class or rehearsals from inside the studio.
6. All Team members are expected to respect their fellow dancers.
7. You are expected to arrive ON TIME for ALL classes and rehearsals. It is important to start class on time and a proper warm-up is
important for your continued growth as a dancer. Team members are not excused for lateness, except for the same allowable
reasons for excused absences.
8. You are expected to dress properly for ALL classes and rehearsals. This includes proper dance clothes, and hair. A master list
will be kept of all team members. Notes on attendance in ALL required classes and attire worn to class will be kept.
You are expected to show other Team members the same respect you show the teachers. Dance is a very polite art form and we
expect all of our dancers to act accordingly!  If you come into class with an attitude, roll your eyes, say “I can’t” or “It’s too hard”,
argue with the teacher or other members; you will be asked to leave class and it will be considered an unexcused absence.
Team members are required to attend ALL team classes and practices, including weekend or impromptu practices. There are no
make-up times for missed practices. (If the student is ill, a note will be required). You must have excellent attendance in all
competition and elective classes. A team member missing more than 4 of any one (required or non-required) class will be evaluated
and possibly removed from the team. Team members must attend all competitions that are scheduled for the team. Not making
yourself available for a competition, especially nationals in summer are reasons for immediate dismissal.
Competition Team
Class Attendance
Members are expected to attend all of their regularly scheduled classes. Any team member with poor attendance may be
dismissed from a number.  Any soloist who is absent for any class will forfeit solo time for that day as well.
The following reasons are the only exceptions for absences:

1. To attend a dance convention or workshop (that has been given prior approval by the teacher).
2. Attendance, as required by your school to overnight camps or other field trips, and other academic (not clubs or sports)
functions that become a part of your grades.
3. Should you have a lot of homework, you are expected to try your best to get it done before dance class time. If this is
impossible, YOU, not your parent, are required to call the studio and let us know. You will be excused ONCE ONLY to study for
exams or do homework. You are also required to bring in a note, signed by a parent, stating that you were working on homework
or studying and unable to attend dance class. Do not forget that missing more than four classes will be reason to be removed from
4. Immediate family weddings or funerals.
5. Contagious virus (Strep throat, influenza, chicken pox, conjunctivitis (pink eye), mumps, measles, Rubella (German Measles),
head lice, vomiting/diarrhea, fever (99 or above), etc.
6. An injury that prevents you from dancing; If you are not feeling well but can be up and about, or your injury allows you to move
about, you are expected to come to class, sit, watch, and take notes, unless it causes too much discomfort.

Family and religious commitments are limited to: (such as wedding, christening)
Commitments involving you, the dancer, or an immediate family member,
Family commitments are limited to special events in your life or that of an immediate family member (defined above)  Birthday
dinners or parties are NOT EXCUSED.

All conflicts, as described above, must be submitted in writing. NO verbal schedule conflicts will be accepted.
Holidays and school breaks will be handled as follows:
The studio will be closed for the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day and for the week of Easter, starting on Good Friday and continuing through the
following week.  If your Christmas or Easter break for your school is different from the dates the studio is closed, we will honor those dates as your time off without
penalty, if you need to miss.  Please note, if you are in town and there are classes to attend at the studio, please come, even if it is your school’s vacation.  Please
check the studio calendar for exact dates.

In addition to the studio time off, you will be given 3 “vacation” days that you may use at your leisure, except for the week before or after a comp.  Vacation days may
NOT be used to attend class at another studio unless permission is granted from the teacher.  Please be sure to plan your vacation days wisely.  These days should
be used for family vacations or outings, after school programs that are not considered “for a grade”, or other such absences.  Please do not abuse this privilege.  
Please note, sick days will be treated separately. The “two consecutive weeks” rule will still apply here, so please be careful when planning your extra-curricular
activities so that you will not be absent on the same day of the week for two consecutive weeks.

Because we understand that important things do arise unexpectedly, we will handle any additional time off on an individual basis.  If you have the need to miss class
and you do not have any more vacation days left, please make an appointment with the teacher to discuss the matter.  Please note, that if we feel you are starting to
fall behind in class, we will ask that you come in for additional private classes until you catch up, at your own expense.  We also have the right to ask you to sit out of
a group until you catch up, or may ask you to drop a class if you can not catch on to the material missed.
Dress Code
• Solid color leotard and tan tights for all rehearsals is expected unless you have a ballet class on this day.  
Then pink tights are to be worn.  Please, no black tights.   If the student is not dressed properly for class, the
student will be asked to sit out.  Improper dance attire is considered disrespectful and will not be tolerated.
Please do not wear loose or dangling jewelry of any type, T-shirts, leg warmers, skirts, pants, shorts. Socks,
except with tap shoes, if necessary, Sweaters (except black wrap around dance sweaters), Team warm-up suits.
Hair must be up in a bun, French braid, braided or twisted pony, secured, or a tight ponytail (for shorter hair)
that WILL NOT come out.  Excessive hair in face may result in dismissal from class.  THIS WILL NOT BE
1. All competition dancers will be enrolled in Cecchetti ballet (or equivalent),
jazz and/or tap.   In addition to making the team, you are automatically placed
in the Team number, Stretch, Turn, and Jump, Jazz Conditioning, and
Ballet Variations, which are all part of the Competition curriculum.  
The average competition dancer’s time commitment is:
(Petites and Juniors) – 3 ½ to 8 hrs. Weekly - 2 to 5 days weekly
(Teens and Seniors) – 3 ½ to 10+ hrs. Weekly - 3 to 5 days weekly
Too much? Check out our recreational program instead.

When auditioning for our team, keep this in mind:
1. It is NOT a guarantee you will be asked to participate just because you did last year.  You must show continuous improvement and
dedication in order to be considered each year.
2. You will also be considered for placement as a soloist, member of a duet/trio, or a small or large group not included in class time.
These routines will incur an additional class charge, to be added to
your account separately.  If you miss your private or semi-private lesson without a 24 hour notice, you will be billed for it anyway.
3. Soloists and duet/trios will perform in competitions and extra performances and will perform in a separate “showcase” at recital
4. All special groups will be given separate practice times and are expected to attend all rehearsals. If extra rehearsals are called,
they must be present.
To be considered for any of these special parts is a privilege and an honor, and you must treat the opportunity as such.  

Costume payments are the sole responsibility of the parents or guardian of team members. Costumes for competition routines usually cost anywhere from
$75-$125.  If, and only if, a costume price will exceed the maximum, parents will be contacted first.  A $50.00 deposit for each costume will be required by October
1st.  All team members will be billed for balances due on any costume. Balances are due 28 days after the item is billed and a $15 late fee will apply to unpaid
balances.  Costumes must be clean and pressed for each performance.  Dancers must have all accessories (hats, gloves, etc.). If a dancer forgets any part of
their costume the entire group will be unable to wear that particular accessory. At competition the group will be penalized for a dancer not having a part of the
costume for this reason the entire group must sacrifice the part that any one dancer forgets. *Please note other shoes may be required for certain pieces of
choreography, you will be advised if and when needed.  All team members will have required tights for performances and should always have a back-up pair.
Dancers should have separate tights for class use only. Performance tights should not be worn in class or rehearsal.  Save them for the real thing.
Prop Fee
There will be a $25.00 prop fee collected per family to help pay for the building and trailering of props used in competition.  This will be added to your account in

Competition fees can range from
$40 to $50 per dance per competition for groups of 4 or more. Duet/Trio and Solo fees are higher.  All competition fees must be
paid on time for the student to compete and remain on the team. This is normally 5-6 weeks prior to each event.  The studio calendar notates when installments
are due.  Failure to make payments on time may result in late fees or suspension from the team.  Fundraiser money will be applied when available.  A schedule of
the comp weekend will be sent to the studio one week prior to the event.  You will be expected to keep the entire weekend open.  All team members are
expected to support each other by attending the entire competition and cheering each other on, even if you don’t dance that day.  As a team member you will be
expected to wear your team warm-up suit on stage for awards.  Be sure to keep your team warm clean.  Dancers may also order extra PCPDC clothing to
represent their studio if desired.
Any and all prize money awarded to the studio at a competition will be handled as such:  10% of the total for each routine will be awarded to the choreographer of
that routine.  The remainder will be split amongst the members of the routine and placed on account for future use in the studio.  Use of the prize money can
include tuition payments, costume payments, clothing purchase, in-studio workshops, recital ticket purchase, dvd purchase, etc.  In the event of a national prize
awarded over the summer, money will be credited towards any unpaid balance from the previous year first, then applied to the coming years’ account.    Any
prize money awarded to a student who is not returning the following year will go in to the team fund.  No form of prize money will leave the studio.   

All of us at PCPDC consider participation in competition to be a reflection of our school’s solid reputation for quality not simply in the way we train our students
to dance, but on how we influence them as people. It is our goal to develop a genuine respect for dance as an art form in each of the members and their
parents.  With the right focus, the experience can be an excellent motivator of self-confidence. If the dancer feels good about their performance and
understands that they are better each time, then they are truly growing through competition. Hitting the stage and being the best you can be is what it’s all
about. The medal the dancer actually wins is secondary.  To the members of our team we instill an appreciation for other dancers and their schools. We are not
out to beat anyone; we are out to motivate our kids and teachers by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent available. Only then can we produce the best
dancers possible. For us, competition is an education.