Class Descriptions

Aside from Ballet, Tap, and Jazz, we also offer the following:

Kinderdance: ages 3-4.  Perfect for first year students.
Incorporates ballet, tap, and creative movement for an intro to dance for the tiny dancers.

Lyrical:  Level I-ages 6-9    Level II-ages 9-12   Level III-ages 13 and up
Levels IV and V competition-audition only
—Teacher recommendation for level—
A combination of ballet, jazz, and modern dance forms, Lyrical dance uses lyrics of the music to tell a story.  Less classical than ballet, softer than
jazz, and free flowing like modern, lyrical demonstrates grace, flexibility, strength, and control.  Must be enrolled in a ballet class.  Will perform in
the recital.

Stretch, Turn, and Jump (STJ):
Level I- Petites and Juniors       Level II-Pre Teens, Teens, Seniors
Increase your flexibility, jump higher, and turn faster and cleaner.  This class will focus on these elements to help students with these ‘problem
areas’.  This class is a must to help strengthen all dancers.  Non-performing

Hip Hop:   Level to be determined by teacher
Learn the latest dance craze!  Dance like they do in your favorite music video.  Class will have a mild warm up and learn combinations with a
street dance flair.  Will perform in the recital.

Acro:  Level to be determined by teacher
Focus on core strengthening, back and upper body work.   Helps the dancer gain strength and control in the “hard to find” areas of the body.  Will
aid in flexibility, balance, and overall body fitness. Basic tumbling and mat work involved.

Ballet Variations: Level to be determined by teacher
Ballet class that focuses on center floor work and variations, using technique and grace while dancing away from the barre.  Will perform in the

Pointe:  Level to be determined by teacher  
Ballet done en pointe with special shoes.  This class is by invitation only to ballet students who have achieved a more advanced technical level.  
Students eligible for pointe class will be notified by the teacher.

Cecchetti Ballet: Grade level to be determined by teacher
A graded method of ballet.  Teaches the student the importance of proper technique, body placement, and discipline in the ballet class.  Students
will work towards an exam at the completion of each grade.  An additional exam fee will be required.

Competitive Team:  Our competition team is selected by audition each fall.  The team will attend at least three regional competitions each season
with the possibility to travel out of the Detroit area.  All travel costs are to be paid by each individual family.  Fund raising is available and
encouraged for all team members.  A national competition may be discussed in the fall.  Aside from the regular class fees, all competition team
members are also responsible for paying all competition fees.  For more information on the competition team, please request a copy of the
PCPDC Competition Handbook.